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This large swath of Ajuga reptans is a low maintenance ground cover that replaced a failing lawn inside a circular driveway.

Container design

These can be simple containers full of perennial shade foliage, or hot color combinations of annuals for full sun. We can change out the combinations so that they conform to the seasons; even winter decorations and evergreens for Christmas are a possibility.  A few well-designed containers can make all the difference for the curb appeal of a front entrance, or add color and interest to an empty new deck.


Native Plant Gardens

These plants are naturally adapted to thrive in our specific climate and soil conditions. They also provide valuable habitat and food sources for native birds, butterflies, and other creatures. Native plants contribute a lot to the landscape, but they don’t demand much in return, surviving without fertilizers, pesticides, or irrigation. 



Low-mow or Lawn Alternatives

Over the last few years, a new trend in water-wise and low-fertilizer/pesticide use landscapes has gained immensely in popularity. This trend is only going to pick up speed as more and more people try to lessen their impact on our environment. Replacing some or all of your water-hungry, chemical-addicted lawn with low or no-mow grasses or other ground covers is a great way to beautify your yard, and reduce your environmental impact.  Shown here is a swath of the ground cover Ajuga reptans in spring bloom.