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Why Hire a Designer?


should you Hire a designer?

When trying to decide whether or not to go to the expense of hiring a designer, it is helpful to think about the scale of your project, what uses and benefits you’d like from your yard and garden, and the amount of time and skill you can devote to the project.

•Do you have specific issues on your property that need solving, such as drainage problems, lack of privacy, or old, overgrown plants?

•Do you wish that your home had more curb appeal, or that the landscaping could set it apart from the other homes in your neighborhood?

•Have you ever regretted the fact that the most time you spend in your yard is while you’re mowing it?

•Ever wondered what else your property could be doing for you? 

A landscape designer is trained to find the best answers to these questions, and may even notice some issues on your property that you haven’t discovered yet. A designer can also create a landscape that will accentuate the positive aspects that your yard already possesses. After consultation with a designer, you might find that your property has even more potential than you thought.

You may know that you’d like more out of your outdoor landscape, such as a place to eat, to relax in the shade, to swim, to sit around a fire, or to satisfy your desire for homegrown flowers, herbs, and vegetables. You may be passionate about “going green,” and reducing your impact on the environment by using water-wise or native plants instead of lawn and hybrid flowers. A designer can assess your soil, sun, and other site conditions to ensure that you’re getting everything you ever wanted from your property.